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Friday, September 16, 2005



"When people in the audience would shout out to quite Hitchens the staff wouldn't move, but on the two occasions when the 65 year-old gentleman sitting in front of me shouted out "Answer the question" during Galloway's time, numerous staff members mobilized to instruct the gentleman to quiet down or he would be removed. Typical liberal thought police thuggery is all it was..."

I experienced this personally. I yelled out something once, and an usher came up IMMEDIATELY and told me I would be escorted out of the hall if I did it again, meanwhile the ageing hippie Galloway fans had been yelling things since the debate began.

I pointed this out, and the guy sitting in front of me told the usher I had been yelling repeatedly, which was a lie. He told the usher I was "unstable." It was farcical. but Hitch did very well and there were many of us in the audience cheering him on.

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