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Monday, October 03, 2005


Robert Sharp

This is an interesting lesson for those of us who seek promote ideas of multiculturalism, and are supportive of immigration. If we want to condemn Anne Winterton's ideas, then I think we do indeed have to condemn a Kenyan's pride in "black" or a Jordanian's pride in "Arab".

But the idea which I hope is under attack, is the notion that a state can ever have the spiritual or ethnic attributes we apply to individuals. Calling a country "white" or "black" is certainly not referring to a country's soil, trees, or borders... so seems to be inherently racist to those individuals with the minority complexion. Likewise, calling a country Christian, Islamic or Jewish would fall into similar discriminatory problems.

The concepts of National Identity, and just plain individual identity, are often spoken of in the same breath. We would do well to remember they are totally incomparable.

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