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Wednesday, November 02, 2005



All the more reason to expect that the Mexican gardener will figure out the game, start his own gardening company, and send his kids to college where they learn how to chat on cell phones by pools that they don't have time to swim in.

I suspect Hanson yearns for a day when he was reading Plato in the original Greek under a fruit tree in the Valley, and the all the "social disruption" was in squalid tenements back in Brooklyn.

(How easily the natives forget the armed gangs at the border keeping the Okies out!)


I think Hanson's family is Okie. Funny that he thinks that Mexicans will react with resentment while his ancestors just got motivated.

He is not the only one who is failing to ask or think about what effect this is having on Mexican society. I can't find statistics on the spread of English in Mexico to compare to the spread of Spanish in the US, for instance. What is going to happen when Mexicans get used to the idea of talking to rich people and expecting a civil answer?

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