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Saturday, November 05, 2005



funny that attacking Police, Firemen, Ambulance workers, Teachers, saying "this is a no-go zone to you guys", gang rapes of girls, insults to non-arabs, occurs in suburbs in Danemark, Sweden, France with a predominantly arab population though. I don't think you'll see many vietnamese in these riots.

Small scale versions of these riots have been going on for years – attacks on train drivers, cars burning, rapes of policewomen, attacks on teachers…. A low scale , debilitating warfare. Guess what – the attackers are arab in 90 % of cases. They also attack their own people – gang rapes and such. Rather like the FIS in Algeria. it’s an intersection of gang culture, islam, radical islam and racial tribalism.

Arabic culture encourages boys to behave like little kings, and Islamist preachers preach separatedeness so as not to be "contaminated" by the infidel.
Add to this rigid labor laws creating long term unemployement, long term welfare handouts to rot on(in France at least) and slap on the wrist sentences if they do get caught stealing or whatever (when the Poilce dares to go in), and you have a large population with contempt and resentment for the French and the state - which is what you see in these riots.

(I lived in France for most of my life, and am now in Australia).
The only place I know of where arabs are well integrated is the US - thanks to the US's strong sense of identity , plenty of job opportunities, and the hard US hand of the law on those who choose to be violent.

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