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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Martin Adamson

As far as the point about what the rioters are wearing is concered: what were the two sets of London bombers wear? Beards and sandals? Or normal urban youth dress?


SWP blogger Meaders at Dead Men Left is reporting that a number of young bloggers have been arrested in France for inciting violence on their sites.


Definition, definition, who gets the definition? Racism, poverty, religion, integration, blah, blah,.

All of the above, none of the above?

Premises are being challenged and therefore defended.

As Hannah Arendt noted "If you attack me as a Jew, I will defend myself as a Jew."

Not always a wise course of action.

It has been noted that the 'youths' - oh fuck that - thugs causing the problem are 2nd or 3rd generation. May I ask - where are their parents? Some of the people that have been arrested are reported to be as young as 10 years old. One cannot point to the apparent integration of the previous generation(s) without noting the previous generation(s) failure to supervise their offspring.

Before there is anything else - racism, poverty, etc. - can we talk about family disintegration?

Thank you.


I keep hearing a lot of stories about churches being burned, etcetera... plenty of links to demonstrate islamist angles. Is this merely a case of them using somebody else's uprising as "air cover?" That would immediately explain the variety of anecdotal evidence..


Re Fox News: as an ex-pat American, I often need an injection of FNC to keep me from pulling out my hair after watching the BBC. Last night, however, Fox drove me to the Beeb. On FNC John Gibson linked the bombings in Amman to what he called France's "Infitada" (sic). What's that, a new croissant? Mocha Infitada? Switch to BBC 1, where Caroline Hawley was reporting from the Grand Hyatt, face pale, sweater covered with debris, describing the orange wall of flame she saw explode as she sat in the hotel restaurant. Back to the studio for analysis from Frank Gardner. Watching a reporter who's nearly been blown up by terrorists hand off to a reporter who was gunned down by them, I thought: spewing half-witted blather is easy; getting real news is hard. And necessary. More reporting and less ill-informed bloviation, please.


John Gibson irritates me too, Meg. I know O'Reilly gets a bad press, but I don't find him half as bad. You know what, I even enjoy the slam-bam financial show on Saturdays, and I don't have a penny in the bank (the result of the good old freelance habit of living from week to week.) Brit Hume and his panel are my daily fix, and I have a soft spot for the breakfast team - the only morning show I ever really bother with. As I've said before, I wish the BBC had a media show as smart as "Fox News Watch".
But, yes, it's always best to be a channel-hopper when it comes to news...


Amen. Start the day with coffee, Krauthammer and blogs, followed by Fox News Watch - you're ready to rock.

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