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Tuesday, November 29, 2005



How could the US pull out of a treaty that it never ratified to begin with.

Clive D

Well, I suppose "process" is a looser term than "treaty".

Rob "Cynic" Read

When Kyoto falls apart more publically, do you think we shall see the MSM praising the Clinton regime's foresight?

Or is that just TOO cynical?


The economic effects of a crash program to cut CO2 emissions are too dire to allow that to happen.

That's the dirty secret that no environmentalists want to admit. The Kyoto treaty wouldn't affect the worst polluters but it would hurt the developed nations and product little or no change in the CO2 levels.

Whether we like it or not, we're in the midst of a big experiment with our climate, but remember that the earth has been through it all before. People adapt. Our prosperity may be destroyed by rising sea levels, but whatever happens, we will survive. I predict that we'll figure out how to tap the methane hydrates on the ocean bottoms for fuel. If we don't they'll eventually be released into the atmosphere.

I'd be more impressed by the claims of global warming if they were based on actual, physical models rather than computer ones, but so far physical models like the Biosphere haven't shown that we know that much.

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