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Friday, November 04, 2005



Cameron came across as a human being? Well, I'd hate to doubt anybody's humanity ... but is he the kind of human being you'd want to run the Conservative Party? I really don't think he'd win the Conservatives the next election. As we discussed the other day, it would be Cameron up against Gordon Brown - it's like a Blair/Brown clash again. The Labour party would have a field day, all the arguments and bitterness built up over the years against Tony Blair would be fresh in their minds - all ammunition against Cameron. They'd even be able to recycle the Conservatives arguments! Poor chap wouldn't know what had hit him ... then out would come the 'Eton' card ... hunting would be cited ... Bad move for the Conservatives.

But I was very impressed with David Davis - might even make a Conservative out of me! I even made a political Blog entry and as you know that's very rare for me.

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