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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Johan Amedeus Metesky

Not all artists are starving and not all rich folks are conservatives. The Democrat party's financial support comes primarily from wealthy donors. It has fewer but larger donations than the Republicans. As far as artists are concerned, plenty of working artists, the ones who are actually showing and selling works and installations, live rather well.

As far as the limited range of abilities shown by some artists, that may be true, but I can think of a few musicians who were at least passable graphic artists. Since I'm not an art afficianado I can't speak about graphic artists' musical abilities. Perhaps a true polymath like David Gerlernter, a computer science prof at Yale with considerable musical and artistic talent, could offer a deeper understanding.


You're making a bit of a straw man argument, Izzy, in saying that "it is ABSURD to suggest that there is a cabal of liberal academic elites controlling the gateway to success in the art world." I don't see that charge specifically spelled out anywhere in the comments above.

What I do see in the comments is the claim that the training and education of artists is dominated by a left-wing elite, and that the culture of the art world seems to perpetuate banal, left-wing viewpoints. It's hardly news to say that the most influential tastemakers--in academia and the media--do their best to see that their (left-leaning) point of view is upheld. That's one reason why conservative journals like the New Criterion are ignored by most academics and media types on the grounds that they are too "reactionary." And that's why, whenever a conservative administration or member of congress talks about appointing conservative administrators of the arts agencies, they're denounced as philistines by most of those who are prominent in the art world.

I think the people who complain about the culture of the art world being too monolithic and left-wing aren't whining so much as they are making the observation that they would prefer the culture of the art world be more liberal in a classical sense of the world (see, for instance and less devoted to promoting left-wing orthodoxy.


Kurt: That link doesn't work. You got an updated one?


I don't know if anyone is looking here anymore, but here's the correct link. The right parenthesis mark interfered with the way the link worked:

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