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Friday, December 02, 2005


Jack Tanner

'She publicly praised Michael Moore, which is enough to get crosses burning on your lawn in your more redneck neighbourhoods.'

Any sightings of this phenomonon? No?

Chan S.

No difference between Madonna and Donna Summer? Respectfully beg to differ: Donna Summer can sing.

Jack Tanner

I was going to make that exact same point and despite some earlier problems Ms. Gaines is a very humble, decent person.

Clive D

No offence intended re Donna S's voice. Yes, she's definitely the better singer. I just don't like the records.
If you're old enough to remember her heyday, when she was all over the airwaves, isn't it interesting how rarely you hear the songs now? I guess that gives me hope that Madonna may one day become extinct. (I'm one of life's optimists!)


Donna Summer's the real deal. Check out her recording of Billy Strayhorn's "Lush Life". Quincy Jones produced it. I'm told Mr Jones knows a thing or two about jazz.

As for Madonna, I'm no fan, but I don't think I've ever heard her sing out of tune on record---and she was recording long before it was possible to fix that kind of thing discreetly. Apart from being a good dancer and a competent singer she has succeeded because she has always managed to find something new to wear that the little girls who buy pop singles can imitate and has always managed to find someone new to do all that tiresome music stuff.

Clive D

Pooter, so we should file Madonna under "nu-pop"? [Private joke, sorry]

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