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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Paul from Florida

The reason so many buildings are ugly is that 100 years of governmental zoning, codes, rules, permits, taxes have priced out, costed out, ruled out small, funky and yes inefficient buildings. One off uniqueness is now just for upper income trust funders, where as in the past it was the norm. The buildings/homes of yesteryear were the products of yesteryear's less government, taxes and such.

So, the idea that the children of the left can solve what they are producing, (We are all Keynsians/leftists now) is but a nice thought. I suppose some lucky, influential, hooked up leftist will get a few 'Model' communities going, the rest of us unwashed masses have to work to hand over covert and overt %70 of labor, making us too poor and tired to care about anything but the most utilitarian structures.

Even large open land was destroyed by lefties through taxation because the progressives of a hundred years ago argued that the large landholding of the rich, and even non rich, should be taxed above the ability of the land owner to pay, thus 'freeing' up land for the masses to breath clean air, escape urban slums and such. They were quite successfull.

Thank you lefties.

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