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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Jim Rockford

Having read both books I think you do the thesis of Berlinski's book a disservice. The Netherlands IS in the heart of "Old Europe" and Cartoonafada, Francafada, and continual plots (in the UK, poisoning the kafr with poisoned hamburgers, a dirty bomb plot, plots to blow up sporting events) show a Europe on the verge of being overthrown by Jihadists who have enough backing and most importantly the will.

Does Europe have the will to prevent Sharia and Islamic rule from becoming the law of the streets? No.

Sharia already exists functionally in no-go areas in Britain, where the Police are largely impotent in breaking up terror plots and 40% of Muslims want Sharia Law. This includes honor killings, polygamy, and death for apostasy or blasphemy. The same exists in Spain, France, and Germany. Piglet is banned in UK government offices because Muslims object.

Meanwhile Europe's birthrates are plunging to the level where Muslims will form the majority in thirty years. Of course "Eurabia" is in fact true. Demographics alone confirm it (note that Muslims do not become secular but rather more religious from generation to generation in Europe).

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