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Wednesday, March 29, 2006



My guess is that a more centre/centre-right, common sense (e.g. yobboes should be punished, not pandered to or understood; it's OK to be proud of our flag; wind farms are not the answer to everything; Israel is not the devil incarnate) TV news and current affairs channel in the UK would be hugely popular, especially amongst the silent majority who have grown sick of the spin of the Naughtie clique on the Today programme, and the inanities delivered by Dimblebys et al on Question Time and Any Questions. Some people say "This Week" is balanced, but to watch it one has to endure the truly dreadful Dianne Abbott. Given the richness of very funny centre-right comment on the internet, there should be plenty of material available.


What's ITV like?

Isn't that Fox's sister network?

Do you have any right or centre right radio shows in Britain?

Because while Rush Limbaugh may strike you as crude, the one indubitable credit the man has to his name is that he opened up media to the possibility of successful right leaning shows. Which changed things enormously in the US.


ITV's output is similar to the BBC, only not so wide-ranging. Sky News is part of the Murdoch empire, but the editorial content is nothing like Fox's.
There are right-wing radio presenters such as Charlie Wolf on commercial radio. Can't think of anyone at the BBC, though.
I don't mind Limbaugh, but the hectoring tone of most US talk radio gets me down after a while. Tony Snow is an exception, isn't he?

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