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Monday, April 10, 2006



It's a good thing Front Page is never relevant to anything and modern art sucks. Clive, if you are traveling by plane on your week off and a black dude sits next to you, watch out for snakes. He might release snakes on a plane.


Why is post war in quotes? No one I am aware of is maintaining we are in post war status.

Using what you consider mayhem in Iraq to knock down unrelated arguments about the status of Europe isn't even logical.

Petty, yes. But not logical.

If you disagree with Steyn, whose work you acknowledge you enjoy, disagree with him on the merits of the arguments he made.

C'mon. You're better than this.

Mike, however is not.


I stand by my comment. Modern art sucks and Berlinski is an idiot. She is just repeating the same sort of nonsense you might find in Der Spigel or Le Monde back at them. Europe isn't dead and if she used the example of the French riots as an arguement it's retarded.

French car riot=intifada

Similar riot in the U.S.= logical result of the Pistons winning the NBA championship

Who doesn't consider what has happened in Iraq since 2003 mayhem to some degree?


and if she used the example of the French riots as an argument it's retarded.


Have you read anything she has written?


"Berlinksi: In brief: Europeans are lazy, unwilling to fight for anything and willing to surrender to anyone; they are fascinated by decadence; they favor the bureaucracy over the corporation; they are unable to assimilate their immigrants; they no longer have children; they no longer produce much of cultural or scientific significance; they have lost their religious vocation and they no longer hold their lives to be meaningful."

That's enough for me to ignore her. It's almost enough for me to add her to the list.

1. Michael Moore
2. Noam
3. O'Rielly
4. Limbaugh
5. Coulter
6. Frankin
7. Kos
8. Most of my prof's
9. Zinn
10. Mclellan
11. Raed
12. Boss tweed
13. the guy who wrote the book attacking Cosby
14. Jesse Jackson
15. People from Newsweek, not counting Fareed
16. Sharon
17. Arafat
18. Arab/muslims in general

P.S.: Snakes on a plane.

Matt O'Halloran

Do all, or any, of these strictures apply to the British, or are we honorary non-Europeans when an American is having a go at 'Old Yerrup'?

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