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Monday, April 10, 2006



It has to be an improvement over the time the Biennial turned the ENTIRE museum into graffiti heaven, which, since it was in pre-Giuliani time, made the place look like so many dirty subway cars!

I'll go check it out anyway.

Sissy Willis

As I wrote a couple of weeks back in my own critique, "Reduced by its ignorance into regurgitating regurgitations":

"Richard Serra is right when he 'refuses to call his picture a work of art.' It is a party-line tantrum in paint with nothing original or intelligent to feed a viewer's mind or heart."


Following up on last week's comment: Panero was too kind.
The whole "thing" was both ugly and boring.
Yes, you can see it all in 1 hr.

Truffaut must have spun in his grave.

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