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Thursday, July 13, 2006



I'll take the Swiss, thank you.



I found the BBC World Cup end sequence on You Tube:


Mike Doughty

I think everyone on both sides of this "debate" should quit hyerventilating. It's a GAME, for crying out loud. Some people like it, some don't.

Juan Golblado

I grew up primarily in the US and watched and played baseball and ("American") football. I could write a lot about my take on soccer and compare it to basketball and the others.

But the main thing I want to say is that I'm surprised, Clive, that you don't get the American Thinker's view of exceptionalism and the two sports. You could make the same point with an anti-U.S. slant equally well and with equal truth.

btw, thanks for turning me on to Pink Martini!


People tend to want to demean that which they don't understand, when they see other people enjoying it. Soccer isn't a big sport in America for reasons having nothing to do with its nature, but rather for the obvious reason that other sports take up people's attention, in my humble mid-atlantic view (raised mostly in Ireland, living in America now). The idea that the lack of scoring makes the sport "un-American" is absurd -- many baseball fans and "purists" prefer the 1-0 pitchers' duel to the 12-10 home run derby. It just comes down spending the time necessary to appreciate the subtleties of the game. Not enough Americans have done that to make the sport a big TV commercial enterprise. And that's OK too! It's OK that Americans are not so into soccer. In addition to the fact that certain American commentators shouldn't make fun of the sport, European commentators should worry a lot less about whether Americans like it or not.

I guess it was all said by a previous commenter: "It's a game, for crying out loud."


Actually, in baseball, a no-score game is a perfect game,
"A no-hitter in which no opposing player reaches first base, either by a base hit, base on balls, hit batter, or fielding error; i.e., the pitcher or pitchers retire all twenty-seven (27) opposing batters in order."

Aussie Pete

Roll on the Rugby World Cup! At least one gets a result and the legal on field violence precludes on field hissy fits.... Mostly except in scrums and rucks where the odd bit of biffo is occasionally reported! ;-)


But then we'll be plunged into a three-way argument about the ideological virtues of rugby, American football and that bizarre game they call Australian Rules!


I'm not sure if the American aversion to soccer is just a conservative one. However, I do know that soccer is not a game for wimps. It's far more active than it looks on TV and takes a good deal of strenght and endurance. It's challenging and active. What's not American about that?



Some American conservatives love soccer and wrote long columns in praise of it.

Some even took hiatus from French bashing to root on the French team, since they clearly played the superior game, both versus Brazil and Italy.

And some even found the typical French bashing of conservatives after l'affaire Zidane really, really annoying.

As if soccer and politics were the same arena!


Aussie Pete, has MMA caught on up there?

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