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Sunday, December 10, 2006


james higham

...Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint: The River in Reverse (Verve)...

Now isn't that an interesting combination?

Keyworth Tiredlegs

Hmmm. Started at the top of the list (Mythologies) on Napster. The Moon is currently playing... does it get better? :)

I loved the new James Bond by the way (and I wish I was 18).

Wait - the alto sax has just kicked in. This is more like it.

Clive  D

The Barber CD does take a bit of time to get used to. If you've never heard her before, I really recommend starting with her last album, "Live: A Fortnight in France". There should also a video clip of her in the "Juke Box" section in the sidebar of this blog.

As for Elvis C, he's not normally my kind of singer, but he also delivers some lovely jazz ballad singing on the chat & vocals CD in Marian McPartland's "Piano Jazz" series.

Keyworth Tiredlegs

The Barber CD is pretty good. OK, the start is deceptivly crap, but up until they start rapping about whales I'm sold. Good recommendation!

2nd artist on the list only had one track on Napster, so no comment, however I enjoyed the 3rd (very Ronnie Scotts) and 5th album too. I think the 4th was MIA on Napster too (I don't buy CDs anymore)

Oh, it's all legal btw.

Not started on the world music yet.

Keyworth Tiredlegs

Thanks for the pointer to the jukebox. I will check it out.

I'll depart now... my only request is that they play 'round midnight' at my funeral. By someone good... Failing that I'll settle for A Place Called Home by Kim Richey on CD. :)

Night all!


I liked every song on Mythologies except the last two. I didn't care much for the rapping at the end of Phaeton. It seems out of character.

Her previous cd is good and standout tune is "Crash". I don't mind "Verse" - it is a bit wordy.

My favourite cds apart from Barber's are Dave Holland's "Critical Mass" and Charles Lloyd's "Sangam".

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