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Monday, January 29, 2007



Your "video link" link isn't quite right


Sorry - I must have made a mistake pasting in the URL. It's working now.


Jamie Whyte potentially has some very interesting things to say about how over-consciousness about matters of race might contribute to an individual feeling burdened unneccesarily, giving them a complex. AS it is, his article strikes me as one of the most arrogant and smug and limited I have read in a while. I am not a particular fan of Trevor Phillips, and I notice that Mr Whyte's book is called 'Crimes against Logic' -- oh the irony! Because his faughter has not experienced racism, there is no racism in society, and uppity black men should shut up about matters of race. Let me check how many copies of his book are in the remaindered bin.

Welsh Windbag

On a contrary note, I thought that article reminded me of how as a child I and most of my peers had little awareness of racial differences until pointed out by 'grown-ups' or other children echoing them. I remember my astonishment at a friend being called a 'Paki' and the furore visited on the perpetrator. We didn't think our friend (half-Indian, half-European) was any different - we were all Welsh and that was about it. Surely class and national identities can be just as powerful and can render colour less or even unimportant. Maybe that's naive, but the relative colour-blindness of children is worth thinking about.


Since "racialist" doesn't seem to be used much nowadays, I thought he was suggesting a useful purpose for it. "Racist" is presumably beyond saving: once it referred to a repellent cast of mind, and associated behaviour, which resulted in pain, death and destruction. Now it means - what? "Someone winning an argument against a lefty" has been suggested, but that's too frivolous. But what?

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