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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


james higham

Too simplistic. The carbon tax, like climate change itself has been, will be hijacked for more nefarious ends. The powers behind the puppet leaders don't care.

Frank Lee

Clive, Why do you count on the Americans to explain deftly to the Europeans that their santimonious policies are foolish and ineffectual? Isn't it the Europeans' responsibility not to be foolish and ineffectual on their own? Every time a cranky conservative observer in the United States says something unflattering about Europe you attack him for being unhelpful. Aren't your unequal expectations, and your constant sniping at American inadequacies, similarly unhelpful?


Frank, I don't indulge in constant sniping at "American inadequacies". I'm just tired of ill-informed Euro-bashing, which is every bit as irritating and destructive as knee-jerk Anti-Americanism. (Applebaum's piece seems to me an example of well-informed Euro-bashing - I have no problem at all with that.) The way Bush sold his Kyoto decision created a self-inflicted wound. There's no point trying to pretend it's entirely the European media's fault. This administration simply has a tin ear when it comes to diplomacy.

Frank Lee

Clive, Forgive me for being insistent, but you didn't answer the first or second question. Isn't the failure of Kyoto to address the problem of global warming something that the Europeans, not Bush, must take responsibility for? I'm happy to hear that you are irritated by knee-jerk anti-Americanism, but your inclination is to use Applebaum's article (which is about European obtuseness and self-adoration) to slam Bush. Calling Dr. Freud.


This is one of those discussions that's not worth pursuing, Frank. If you think America's diplomacy doesn't need an overhaul, fine, I won't try to convince you. This isn't about Europe scoring points off America, or vice versa.

Frank Lee

Clive, I did not state or imply that "America's diplomacy doesn't need an overhaul." I simply noted that an article about European failings is not the most logical occasion on which to take a swipe at Bush. I wish I could say that other European elites show more balance and intellectual honesty when discussing the American-European divide, but they do not. This is, as you say, a discussion no longer worth pursuing. Good luck.

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