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Tuesday, February 13, 2007



"that eventual conflict between China and the United States and Japan was inevitable."


I wish the Mongolians would make a comeback. If you ranked people who hate the U.S. from Car Bomb(10) to Angry Retoric(2), 1 is for friends, the highest have all been crushed by Genghis and the lowest were damaged by the hordes.

Clive, a few months or maybe a year ago I posted a comment about Michael Bisping who fights in the UFC. They are going to have a fight night in Manchester this spring and plenty of people in the U.K. are going to hate the sport (there are rules now and it is sanctioned). If you have writers block in the spring it might make for an interesting globalization story. It is something that was created in another country, brought to the U.S. and will be exported to other countries. I expect Europeans to pinch their nose and complain in opinion pages about the U.S. even though the owners are Italian. (From Japan to Brazil to the U.S. to the U.K. in seventy years)

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