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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Craig Ranapia

But wasn't half the charm of Porter's lyrics his ability to pack in more sophisticated sexual innuendo per square inch than anyone else? And I don't know if it's an urban myth or not, but I once read that Porter had an eye-wateringly obscene party piece (only played in the right company, of course) called But She Never Went Down On The Titanic. Probably one of those things that could only be true in a perfect world. :)


I live in Indiana, where Porter grew up and is buried, and I love him! I can't teach my school-age girls all his lyrics yet (viz. "I'm Always True To You In My Fashion," and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy,") but the day will come when they'll realize what I'm saying when I'm singing along! It's very hard to do naughty as well as Porter.

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