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Wednesday, March 28, 2007



The difference is that Germany started and perpetrated the holocaust, wheras we abolished a millenia old trade at great expense to ourselves, almost precipitating a war with Spain and other players in the slave trade (as well as bankrupting most west African rulers).
Africa should issue a collective statement of thanks, then compensate us for both our trouble and their duly noted lack of prior gratitutde. Then we'll apologise for the slave trade.

Anne Stott

I didn't think a lot of Sunny's post.

I find it surprising that after all this well-meaning over-kill, commentators (including Sunny, Melanie and even some BBC commentators) are still confusing the abolition of the slave trade with the abolition of slavery. If some facts have sunk in, others clearly haven't.

I also find the fashionable denigration of Wilberforce rather depressing. The fact is that the slave trade could only be abolished by act of Parliament and therefore it required an MP to spearhead the campaign. This is not to belittle the role of others, simply to recognise reality. As to Wilberforce's parliamentary allies - well, they haven't been given much of a look-in, though there's a good article in today's Times about James Stephen.

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