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Sunday, April 15, 2007



Will this interview available in the internet? What are you talking about? I am a big fan of Mr Andy Garcia. I have been in two concerts of Cachao and Andy together. I like the music.

Bishop Hill

If you like Cuban music, try Eliades Ochoa.

Mark Holland

Didn't Andy Garcia, of Cuban extraction, make an anti-Castro movie a few years back? What became of it I wonder? I'd be keen to see it.


Andy Garcia did a movie called The Lost City which tells the story of Cuba at the turn of the revolution (1958). It is not an anti-Castro movie, as the movie is based on historical facts. The story is not based on real people, but the political changes are based in history. This movie has been released in the USA (in limited release) last year and a lots of others countries. If you want to see it, rent a DVD. I would suggest you to buy it, as it is really good and there are many excellent Cuban music in it too.
If you want to listen to Andy Garcia's personal journey in making this movie (it took him 16 years!), you can listen to the Q&A session after the screening of the Lost City on 18 April last year.


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